Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Update...

No code for this post today, due to certain circumstances that happened recently...  Where I'm currently living, we had a massive flash flood over two weeks ago...the area in my house, I live in, was up to three inches of water, but thankfully my desktop was on top of a desk so it wasn't touched...  Granted though, this is what has taken me not only so long to post, but one of the main reasons I don't have a code for you today...  With school and this incident happening, I'm slowly getting things back together and working toward another Free Xbox Live Gold Code for you guys...just give me a little time and I'll be releasing another one soon...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Free Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Code...WHAT?!

As the title claims, not only do I have a Free Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Code, but also a $5.00 Microsoft Game Code!! (Thanks to the great deal Newegg had on their site.)  I've been slacking lately, I know, but this post should help those who really need some Xbox Live Gold Time in the meanwhile!  I'm not done yet obviously, just bare with me through these next few months and expect a huge giveaway in the very near future ;)

Free Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Code

Free Xbox $5.00 Microsoft Code

Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Year!

So as you can tell, I never got around to not only the usual Christmas giveaway, as well as nothing for New Years...I just was too busy with family being around, and having to work as well, that I couldn't find any time whatsoever to hold the giveaway this year, which I do deeply apologize for!  I still have all the codes, but will hold on to them as school has started back up today, and I have no idea when I'll get a chance to use Rewards1 and earn some more Xbox Live Gold Codes...  Til then, to hopefully make up to my loyal readers and followers, here's one of the 3 month's I was going to give away...enjoy and Happy New Year everyone!! Best wishes!! :)

Free Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Extravaganza!

As I try to hold every year since I've created this blog, I have all plans to host another Free Xbox Live Gold Code Christmas Extravaganza!!  This year won't be like last year though...with the holiday's, and family coming to visit, I hardly have the time to go around my blog and hide codes throughout it...instead, it'll be like two years ago where I just post and all the codes are there...  All I ask is don't be greedy...if you get a code, leave it at that, and let the other's have a chance...please...

As I've mentioned, I've been extremely busy as of late, and haven't had much time to really do anything besides work and schoolwork, but for whatever odd reason, my brother decided he wanted to give up the Xbox One, and go to PS4, but thankfully not before using a random Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code, so for your enjoyment, here it is! :)

Free Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Random Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code!!

Yes, it's been quite some time I have updated this blog, but I've been so busy with things in life, that I hardly have any time anymore to ever get online, let alone post while I got a chance, I'm throwing out a random 3 Month Xbox Live Gold Code...enjoy! :)

P.S. I'll have some time off soon and should get a chance to get another code out, plus still have plans for the usual Christmas giveaway like past years!

Free Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code

Friday, June 7, 2013

...and another Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code rolls out!

So I'm obviously still alive and updating my blog when I get the chance...finally just got done with the semester and should have plenty of free time to start posting more codes considering I have access to do whatever I want!  So as the post claims, I'll keep this short and simple, here's the Gold Code, enjoy! :)

Free Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back for a little bit...

Well work and school has finally given me a break, which means I'll be using a lot more of Rewards1, which also means more Xbox Live Gold Codes should be coming out!  The site really is very simple everyone, and if you read further into my blog, I explain exact details how to get offers/survey's to credit...  I know a lot of people say those type of sites don't work, and I'll agree, a majority of them don't, but Rewards1 is one of the best GPT (Get Paid To) sites I have used.  Have used the site since 2008 and they are still going strong for a GPT site!    Really just wish people would really look into it like I did when I was younger and realize you can earn things for free on sites...just have to be careful, and make sure you research the sites before just trying to earn "points" and claim prizes...

Anyhow, enough about that...with this post, I am posting another Free Xbox Live Gold Code...ended up getting enough for...well let's just leave it at that...  I'm not going to post what the code contains, but whoever claims it shall be pretty lucky ;)  Either way, expect more updates now, at least I hope, and plan for me to be here for awhile...  Still would like any and all feedback when it comes to posting codes...  Have had a Youtube approach presented to me, but still iffy on that at the current time...  Thanks to all those who are dedicated to this blog, and realize that nothing is free in life, but at least here, you have a chance :)

Free Xbox Live Gold Code

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Long belated Xbox Live Gold Code...

Okay, so upcoming days almost ended up being a month, I'm terribly sorry about that everyone, but once again life has just been getting the best of me lately...  Needless to say, I'll keep this post short and simple, here's your Xbox Live Gold Code, enjoy! :)

Free Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Have started to get a little more motivated with this blog due to the comments recently, really shows what I'm doing is helping others, and that's all I ever wanted!  Anyhow, the links are working...sort of...didn't realize the payment count on views, but either way, is still helping, and that's always helpful...  Thanks to a friend of mine and him getting a PS3 instead, gave me an another Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code...never can complain with that...  Will post in the upcoming days with the code, so always keep a lookout, just never know when ;)

P.S.  If you had read the post, any help is always appreciated, and all proceeds go to another Free Xbox Live Gold Code for readers, so please help and click the link below, always appreciated!

Please Help!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code March Edition!

Not really going to say much this post, still debating on what I want to do, but at least have got some good comments the last entry so my hopes are this blog will continue, but with a different twist in the future...  For now, enjoy the Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code!

Free Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Code

**Edited March 12th 12:10 p.m.**

So as I mentioned earlier in the above post, I'm going to change a few things...somebody commented about and I have heard of this service before, but never really thought to use any criticism is always appreciated, but to help me earn a little bit of money to help keep supplying these codes, this would surely help!  I provided a link below that redirects right back here to this blog, but anybody who clicks is helping this blog stay alive, and I'm sure a lot of people would like that!  Thanks for reading this post, hope this works out well...

Please Help!